Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pride & Prejudice: My Costume

When planning my Pride & Prejudice night one of the first things was to work out exactly what I would wear. I would have loved to attempt something from here, but there was not enough time, and who knows how it might have turned out?
Working on a cotton/muslin day dress sort of idea I looked at what I already owned and managed to find a costume in my wardrobe!

A cotton blouse with lace, embroidery and puffed sleeves

+ white cotton skirt

+ a pretty cotton nightie with embroidered yoke

+ a bolero style cardigan (later changed to a shawl because it was a very hot night)

+ a few metres ribbon

= one Pride & Prejudice costume!

I wore the blouse under the nightie (they turned out looking identical in colour), the skirt as a petticoat (since the nightie is very fine) and a ribbon tied under the bust for an empire waist. The shawl was recently given to me by Mum, she didn't want it and it turned out to be perfect for the costume. I had gloves for dancing (from the $2 shop) and a wooden fan (also the $2 shop) and my bonnet I made last week, and some pink ballet-style flat shoes.

So altogether my costume cost me only $12.00, which I was pretty happy about.


Emily said...

I love it! I have always wanted to try the costume from sensibility patterns. They have such great patterns!!

Hill upon Hill said...

Excellent and all in your wardrobe...

Threeundertwo said...

It turned out perfect! I love it.

This sounds like such a fun party.

Pennie & David said...

I was searching the net for ideas of what to do with a lot of old lace made by a Great Great Aunt of my DH's and your Blog came up with your Jane Austen entry... Being a lover of Jane Austen I continued down your Blog and found Gundagai, I spent some time growing up near there. Further down I found Babushkas!! I collect them! Then I did the Jane Austen Heroine thing and I'm Elinor Dashwood!! Too Freaky! :-)) I will have to check your Blog again sometime. cheers Pennie