Monday, September 22, 2008

Bridges of Gundagai

The town of Gundagai is built on a hill by a flood plain. Two very old bridges cross the floodplain:

This railway bridge was built in 1901.

Amazing trees with trunks about 2 metres around.

This bridge was built in 1866 and formed part of the Sydney-Melbourne highway until 1977:

Fortunately it is not in use anymore, except for pedestrians (maybe just tourists?)

Before the building of these bridges the old town of Gundagai was built on the floodplain. In 1852 the Murrumbidgee River flooded and 79 lives were lost. The town was rebuilt in a higher location.

Apparently these old bridges are the longest timber viaducts in the southern hemisphere. I love that they have not been pulled down, but left there for us to appreciate.

The cows don't seem to mind it, either.

To see some beautiful photos of these bridges click here - we took our photos around midday but these are beautiful morning/evening photos.

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