Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Day in my Life

I have just decided to join in A Day in my Life at Little Jenny Wren's blog, where we record what we do on the 14th of each month. Since I just decided now (9.00pm) to join, this post will be a bit light on photos this time, I only got the camera out once today.

Last night I held my Pride & Prejudice party, so after washing all the china by hand and finally getting to bed at 12.30 I was never going to get up easily this morning, but on top of that it was a very HOT spring day here yesterday, so we had the bedroom window open, which kept me awake, then there was a storm around 2am ....

...So waking up this morning was difficult, but somehow I got up and showered, had breakfast (note to self: buy more breakfast cereals on shopping day this week, and make more muesli), and drove to church.

The weather was cool and rainy, a pleasant change from yesterday's heat.

As usual we had a lovely morning tea in the middle of our church service, this time I enjoyed a pumpkin scone and an oaty cookie. Then we had communion (a rare occurence) which was a substantial glass of grape juice and a cheese and olive pull-apart. Perhaps a bit more like the meal Jesus had in mind at the last supper (well, minus the alchohol I guess).

We drove home, (sunshine now) and on the way talked about our recent plan (just since yesterday) of buying a newer car. Our car is 17 years old, and has served us well, but the time has come. We talked about the features we wanted in a new car.

The girls' requirements: cupholders and a purple car.

Mine: Airconditioning that actually works and electric windows that don't get stuck half-way down (do you see why we are upgrading?)

Steve's: all to do with engine size and mileage, boring stuff. But he did agree with us (except for the purple colour)

When we got home we feasted on some leftovers from last night's party, a sort of second morning tea. Emily got on with her Ancient Egypt diorama of The Nile, with Daddy helping to build a shaduf (water-lifting device), since Mummy's attempt had collapsed earlier.

Meanwhile Laura and I made a Mexicana Pie (shell of Instant Mashed Potato + taco mix, baked for 10 mins, then filling of refried beans + more taco mix, topped with cheese, bake for further 10mins or so) and we made our own tortillas for the first time. Laura was surprisingly good at rolling them out very thinly. All very successful and enjoyed, on the whole. Dessert - more leftovers, mostly trifle.

After lunch we set out for the car dealers, looked at two cars, and bought one of them! How easy was that! Test driving was fun and we are happy with our choice.

Back home for more leftovers, second helping of trifle for the girls (are you detecting a theme here?), some final finishing of the diorama, and I sat and relaxed for the first time in a week I think, and read my new cookbook of about 300 pages, cupcakes, cheesecakes and cookies from the Women's Weekly. Lots of inspiration, if we ever get through these leftovers.

During this time we had another storm, and afterwards I took these photos

and some photos of our old car, before we say goodbye to it in a few days :-(

We played some tin whistle, in preparation for going to the Turning Wave Festival at Gundagai later this week, the girls had a tea of toast while watching The Brady Bunch on DVD, and they had a story and then into bed, where they are now heard giggling and bouncing.

Steve and I will heroically continue eating leftovers now and watch a DVD of our own before an earlyish night.

Next 14th I'll take more photos!


Hill upon Hill said...

Your photo of the sky is a lot nicer than mine, probably taken about the same time, and yes that storm woke me up too. Nice to see your whole day. My a new car!!
A trifle too much trifle?
Your party sounds like you put a lot of effort into it. I am sure it was a very special night.

Anonymous said...

Your party sounded lovely.. and what a lovely Sunday to follow.

Linda said...

You are very eloquent. I didn't sleep either and it was hot, but I think I forgot to mention it. Maybe something similar woke me up.

I am happy with my car purchase, I saw it in the paper, looked at it and bought it. The first time it was out with another person, I think I got to see it a few days later. That was a few years ago now.

I have some photos of that colour sky, I think the gum trees in front of it is the best look for that sky, lovely.

I just love trifle. Couldn't imagine any left over trifle.

Linda said...

I was in Gundagai a few weeks ago. Didn't actually go through the town proper though but nearly.

Quinne said...

Hi Fiona :) I enjoyed reading about your day! And what a great idea - the P&P party. Hope that you have a lovely week, Q

Cathy said...

First of all I would like to say how impressed I am that you bought a new car so rapidly. I can do most things timely, but buying a new car behooves me so! I believe it has something to do with how long I keep a car; because it is such a big deal with me I do not want to do it often. Not so with my husband, however. I enjoyed reading about your impressed, parts inspired, parts tickled, and parts just gave good thoughts of how wonderful a life the Lord has given you.