Thursday, September 25, 2008

Costumiers au monde

Can you believe that I needed to come up with ANOTHER costume for school? This term the girls have had to dress as New Zealanders (for Olympics Day), Multicultural (we went Irish and Australian) for Multicultural Day, Emily had to have a uniform for her Opera House performance for which I had to buy pants, and now today she had two class parties and could go as an Ancient Egyptian (she reminded me on Tuesday) OR as we found out yesterday, she could go as a Maths Geek. I hope you can tell which one we chose. All I can say is that for living in a country where we don't do Halloween I sure have my fill of providing costumes.

Emily helped with the drafting and sewing (using the very technical lie-on-the-floor-while-Mummy-traces-you method) and did the painting on the collar (two donut shapes of calico sewn together and painted with acrylic paint.) We designed the headpiece together out of gold card and at the last minute this morning added the bead trim (in the absence of straight black hair with a fringe).

I was pleased that we got it done in one afternoon, since I am still feeling woozy at times with my cold. Emily got to learn some more sewing skills and it all has the child-made touch. I just hope it will hold together at school! (and yes I know that the Ancient Egyptians didn't wear watches. or sneakers for that matter!)

So ... how about it? Shall we go into business?
LOL .... maybe making hospital gowns!

Edited to add: Emily has just come home from school and informed me that she was the only one in the class who dressed up......... sigh.

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Hill upon Hill said...

You are joking. She looks wonderful. I am so impressed you got such a fantastic costume done in your busy, last week of school.