Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gundagai festival

Just a few more photos from Gundagai ...

Taken at one of the lookouts overlooking the town

It was incredibly windy on this hill, I could barely open the car door against the wind. Emily had a bit of fun with the wind ....

The new car behaved perfectly the whole time away :-)

oh and this is what we went to see ... lots of live Irish music ... didn't take many photos, not wanting to use flash while people were performing, so could really only get blurry shots anyway ... these are two of the musicians I am fortunate to play with at Irish sessions - beautiful harp and hammered dulcimer music.

We didn't get to see quite as much music as we hoped because Laura was sick, we had to take turns staying in the motel room with her :-( Fortunately the motel room was spacious and clean. In fact the girls (when Laura was feeling well) did some Irish dancing practice in the motel room for the fun of it because there was more empty space there than at home - poor deprived girls!
But we are still glad we went, it was beautiful in the country, and there is a limit anyway to the number of concerts and workshops one can cope with in one weekend! We did see some incredible performances from Irish and Australian musicians, which was a privilege.


Linda said...

I love the second photo, it gives a perspective of Gundagai I haven't seen before.

sover eigninns said...

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